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Yak Milk Chew

Yak Milk Chew

  • £4.99

We all know dogs like to chew. Why not give them something utterly delicious from the Himalayas to do this? Yakity Yak dog chews are made from 100% yak/cows milk with a touch of lime and salt and them smoked to create this hard, tasty, cheesy chew. 

Derived from the heart of the Himalayan mountains, this is the perfect chew to keep your dog occupied for hours and to help them maintain healthy teeth. 

  • Preservative and gluten free
  • Rich in protein and calcium 
  • Low in fat 
  • Robust and long lasting 
  • Great for detail hygiene 

Fun fact: The Himalayan people also enjoy this wholesome snack, its not just for dogs! 

Approx 35g 

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