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Wild Earth

Carroll Dunham is a medical anthropologist who has lived and researched traditional ayurveda and Tibetan medicine in the Himalayas with traditional healers for the past twenty five years. Her passion for traditional healing and medicinal plants of the steppe, plateau and micro biodiversity of the Himalayan region and desire to alleviate poverty through income generation of women led to the creation of Wild Earth.

Wild Earth was born from rural village women in Humla asking Carroll how to create an economically sustainable existence from their natural resources. Thus, Wild Earth was born: to help women gain livelihood through making handcrafted herbal products. Today, Wild Earth is run by a staff of 25 from its workshop in Kathmandu. They seek to train, empower and support sustainable business development in the Himalayas.

Carroll is deeply committed to running an environmentally responsible business, and educating people about the extraordinary benefits of Himalayan organic and premium natural skincare based on traditional wisdom rich with Himalayan botanicals used on the skin for thousands of years.

Wild Earth brings you a collection of naturally inspired skin, hair and body care products, sourced and blended in the Himalayas. Wild Earth products are full of the finest quality  naturally based ingredients, certified organic where possible. Their formulas are ingredient-rich and non animal tested. Aside from beeswax and mare and yak milk, no animal ingredients are used. All packaging is made to be recyclable and all products are cruelty free.