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Classic Nirmala Bracelets

Classic Nirmala Bracelets


This beautiful multi-strand bracelet features a large single gemstone bead. Each bracelet stimulates and represents different characteristics.

Amethyst represents personal growth and intuition.

Carnelian represents courage, creativity and transformation.

Moonstone represents clarity, balance and female wisdom.

Chalcedony represents miracles, optimism and connection.

Black Onyx represents focus, grounding and self-confidence.

Rose Quartz represents love, harmony and inner balance.

Lapis Lazuli represents connection, friendship and truthfulness.

Labradorite represents protection, success and intuition.

Tiger's Eye represents stability, protection and health.

Nirmala bracelets are elasticated, and can be worn as a single piece or stacked with others.

Each piece of unique jewellery comes in a beautiful gift box, with a semi-precious stone guide.

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