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Eco-Friendly Compostable Rubber Gloves

  • £5.00

These brilliant 100% plant-made rubber gloves are perfect for household cleaning jobs, oven cleaning, washing dishes or just protecting your hands from cleaning products.

There is no plastic in these gloves they are fully biodegradable and can even be composted once they have reached the end of their use. Textured for extra grip on fingertips and palms, these gloves are reusable and a great alternative to harmful plastic gloves.


Plastic rubber gloves end up in landfill or the environment and pollute by leaching toxic ingredients as they very slowly break down into smaller plastics, which are then digested by wildlife further adding to the problem.

Lots of plastic or synthetic rubber gloves are only used a few times and then thrown away so switching to a natural alternative can have a great impact on our planet. 


Length: 30cm
Palm Width: approx 10.5cm

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