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Free Tibet Loose Leaf Tea

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A selection of delightfully delicious loose leaf teas ethically sourced by a family run business the UK. 

The teas are ethically sourced and picked at their peak season to ensure the highest premium grade quality tea for you. Loose leaf tea allows for the maximum amount of quality to be retained, and the maximum amount of flavour in your mug. 

Pick from our range of four teas, including our specially branded Free Tibet breakfast tea. 

Free Tibet breakfast tea - harvested in Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. This medium bodied tea leaf is perfect with a dash of milk to start off your day. 100g. 

Flu warrior blend - the perfect staple to have in your cupboard to help you naturally stave off pesky colds. This is a pre blended mix of ingredients which help to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. It's heavy on ginger and elderberries with notes of lemongrass and lemon. Harvested in Thailand and India. 100g blending pack. 

Masala chai blend - One sip will have your taste buds dancing as the South Indian spices warm your palate. Cardamom and ginger work their magic in this well known warming blend. Harvested in India and Kenya. 100g blending pack. 

Christmas cheer blend - A limited edition for the festive season. Get your hands on this loose leaf Ceylon tea infused with notes of cinnamon and clove. Enjoy the fun Christmas confetti swirling around your cup as you relax into the Christmas spirit. Harvested in Sri Lanka. 100g blending pack. 

We recommend our infuser tea ball to help create the perfect cup of tea. 

Packaging recyclable. 



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