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Storybooks Jewellery by A Beautiful Story

Storybooks Jewellery by A Beautiful Story


Storybooks Jewellery are handmade adjustable bracelets attached to a small notebook made of 100% recycled paper.

Each bracelet features a semi-precious gemstone and charm with a special meaning, whilst each notebook and bracelet combination has a special theme to encourage you on your path. Wearing the bracelet will remind you to write down your inspirational thoughts. Choose your gems and live your own story.

Friendship – Heart and Lapiz Lazuli

connection | friendship | truthfulness

Love – Heart and Rose Quartz

love | harmony | inner Balance

Dreams – Star and Black Onyx

focus | self Confidence | grounding

Hope – Anchor and Moonstone

female wisdom | balance | clarity

Wishes – Wishbone and Citrine

success | abundance | dreams

Optimism – Butterfly and Chalcedony

optimism | miracles | connection

Change – Dragonfly and Labradorite

Intuition | protection | attract success

Joy – Butterfly and Carnelian

creativity | courage | transformation

Happiness – Clover and Turquoise

happiness | protection | friendship

Balance – Heart and Pearl

purity | calming | inner wisdom

Gratitude – Star and Tiger Eye

gratitude | grounding | intuition

Good Luck – Clover and Aventurine

good luck | wellbeing | prosperity


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