Namaste is a fair trade clothing supplier, founded in 1997 by Sam Brummitt. 

Inspired by his travels around Asia, Sam was inspired to create an ethical clothing company that sourced beautiful, fairly traded products from every corner of the globe and supported traditional artisans. Namaste is committed to sourcing products that are environmentally friendly, and are often made from recycled materials. Their strong ethical policy makes clear their belief that the best way to reduce poverty in the developing world is through trade. Namaste have helped more than 100 small source, local producers to grow and develop over the past 20 years. Namaste is a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers.

Namaste donates a portion of profits to Child Rescue Nepal. Every purchase of a pair of yoga pants helps to fund this fantastic organisation. 

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All donations to Free Tibet go directly towards fighting oppression.