TCV Handicrafts

Tibetan Children's Villages (TCV) is an integrated community in exile for the care and education of orphans and children recently arrived from Tibet. It is a registered, charitable institution with its main organization based in Dharamsala, North India. TCV has many branches spread across India with over 18,000 children under its care.

Preservation and promotion of Tibetan arts and crafts is one vital component of TCV's cultural education programme. Today, the Handicraft and Vocational Training Centres have produced more than 1000 skilled tailors, artists and craftsmen and have employed more than 200 staffs and co-workers.

The centre at Dharamsala alone has trained 700 students in various trades to date. With intensive training and high demand on quality works from its trainees, the TCV Handicraft centres are fullfulling their objective of preserving Tibetan cultural heritage in the best possible way. Furthermore, the works of the centres are frequently displayed at various international museums and exhibitions.

TCV supply our friendship bands and gata rucksacks. 

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