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Geranium, Patchouli & Mandarin Soy Candle

  • £16.00

The comforting warm glow of the flame through the amber glass and the use of pure essential oils for a natural, clean and fresh therapeutic atmosphere makes essential spirit soy candles a step above the rest. Combined with the reusable and recyclable packaging, you have an unbeatable candle.

This blend of balancing geranium, earthy patchouli and uplifting mandarin, has an exotic and reassuring fragrance, like being wrapped in a silken velvet cloak.

Hand poured in small batches using the finest renewable soy wax. 100% vegetable, natural, sustainable and biodegradable.  This wax is free of petroleum, paraffin, pesticides, herbicides and GMO. We hope you will recycle your jars when your candle is finished, they make perfect storage for herbs, seeds, dried flowers.

This 180g candle burns for 40 plus hours and to burn the perfect candle: always keep it lit until the entire surface has melted. Do not burn for more than three/four hours at a time. Trim the wick before lighting to 1cm.

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