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The gift of environmental protection

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This gift helps call for international recognition of Tibet within climate talks. Tibet’s fragile ecosystem is being seriously damaged, worsened by the exploitation of the Chinese Communist Party. The Tibetan plateau is crucial for global climate systems and Tibetans deserve a say on their own environment.


How it works:

  1. Choose from our range of Gifts for Human Rights. Every gift will help ensure the rights and freedoms of Tibetans are reclaimed from their oppressors.
  2. Purchase the card as a truly meaningful gift for someone special or for yourself.
  3. We will post the gift to you with a blank envelope to personalise with your own message and pass on.
  4. The gift you purchase will help us to deliver our vital work to free Tibet.


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The product: A6 gloss coated card, left blank inside for your personal message. Landscape. Accompanying blank envelope. Packed in recyclable cellophane wrap.

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